Kind Eye is our new go-to beauty resource. Ever since learning about how many dangerous chemicals are in the beauty products we use every day, the JUGs have worked to reduce our chemical exposure by making smart purchasing decisions. However, between the bajillion labels out there (vegan, aluminum-free, organic, GMO-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, fair trade, made in the USA, etc. etc. etc.) it can be really tough to figure out what the most healthy, responsible products are. 

Kind Eye helps determine what products are best for you by providing a set of filters that help navigate the complicated world of eco beauty. Not only does the online tool help you pick out products, it shows you where you can buy them in stores or order them online! Boom: cosmetics collection = detoxed! Plus, Kind Eye is a Boston-based startup!

In honor of their launch, Kind Eye is giving away $300 worth of eco cosmetics! Enter by going to their blog and signing up for their newsletter. This is the perfect way to kick of spring with beautiful skin.