Week of February 16

Startup Scene

Did you catch our chat with the founder of Luxxie Boston? She had some great things to say about starting her business lovely town of Boston, despite the recent weather. 

Don't forget, there are only a couple weeks left to enter the Spring Skin Giveaway contest with Boston-based KindEye!

Winter Survival Kit

Of course, what you need to know about champagne and sparkling wine...cuz like, duh.

The superbowl halftime show got us wicked nostalgic, and this Missy Elliot tribute video by the girl that used to dance with Missy in her videos totally satisfies our early 2000's music cravings.  

MUST.GET.OUR.HANDS.ON. Rebecca Minkoff for Essie, Spring 2015 Collection. 


The history of inspiring women who have run for the U.S. presidency. (There are many more than we would have guessed, but, not nearly enough)! 


The JUGs are heading to Seattle this weekend! Follow us on Insta and check back on the blog next week for our northwest travel guides! 

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