Where to Stay in Seattle

You now know spots to visit and the many venues for a delicious meal in Seattle.  Practically the most important, where should you stay that is clean, reliable and central?  

We did our research and after a bit of google-mapping (there's no other way), we confirmed that the Ace was the place!  At 1st and Wall Street, the location proved to be more convenient than expected!  Belltown is an-up-and-coming neighborhood that is a short walk from the Space Needle, Pike Place and Waterfront destinations.  

The hotel lobby offers a computer for research, a casual-hipster vibe and resourceful staff.  Aside from a competitive rate, Ace also hooks up their guests with a not-so-average continental breakfast daily, we're talking waffle iron, fresh yogurt and Stumptown coffee, here, talk about the perfect fuel-up for the day!  

The room was perfectly organized with just enough space for the JUGs.  The bathrooms and showers were down the hall, which at first had us reverting to our hostel-hopping days from studying abroad, but the Ace has brought this to a to a new level in the modern age.  Once equipped with robes, these trips were no effort at all.  The sound system from the lobby extended into the showers with toiletries from a local company, which was a great touch.  Ace truly had everything covered!  

With a few stops here to break up our busy days, we could always count on freshening up before the next agenda item.  We would definitely book here again!  Thank you, Ace Hotel, for a fantastic stay!

images by JUGs and from Ace Hotel website

Meredith TennihanComment