5 Ways to Avoid Doing Laundry

Laundry is the absolute worst for those of us that do not have in-unit washer and dryers. I am totally guilty of heading to Gap Body and scooping up some new underwear on sale instead of spending two mind-numbing hours in the laundromat. Luckily, these #JUGsApproved hacks will help you avoid the laundromat as long as possible, while keeping you fresh and put together. 

1. Make Your Own Fabric Spray

Febreze is toxic, and was rated an 'F' (worst rating available) by the Environmental Working Group's Guide to Healthy Cleaning. Instead, use this recipe to make your own non-toxic, super effective fabric spray. Spray shirts in the underarms and pants in the crotch (sorry not sorry, this is a must) after each wear. If you spray every time, and avoid getting coffee and wine all over yourself, you will never have to do laundry (until you run out of underwear). 

2. Use Dish Soap on Grease Stains

Dish soaps are designed to cut through grease on dishes, so why wouldn't they work on clothes? Just dab a bit onto any fresh stain and lightly scrub, then rinse in the sink with COLD water. Repeat. If this doesn't get the stain out, then add some stain stick and throw in the hamper, but of course, the hamper is the last resort! 

3. Skip the Dry Cleaners with Dryel

Check the labels on your clothes. If they say dry clean only, do a little dance because you don't have to go to the laundromat! Instead, stay at home with Dryel's At-Home Dry Cleaner. It cleans fragile, special clothes without shrinking or fading them. We recently tried a sample of Dryel and quickly adopted the product into our clothes maintenance rituals! 

4. Quickly Iron

Ironing is a somewhat painless way to make your outfits look crisp and fresh. Ironing is way better than doing laundry because you can do it at home in front of Netflix with a beer in hand. Short on time? Hang the wrinkly clothes in your bathroom while you shower and turn off the fan. The steam should get out at least a few wrinkles. An when you're on the road, take a hair straightener to clothes that look a little rough after traveling. 

5. Lint Roll Everything

If you got long hair put your hands up! Nobody wants to see your recently shed hairs. Get rid of that ish with a lint roller stat. #JUGsSecret: keep a mini lint roller in your work desk and take it to your cardigan when you need a break from excel. 

6. Wear Natural Deodorant

BREAKING NEWS: your sweat doesn't cause pit stains. Your antiperspirant does! Use a natural deodorant like Lavilian or Soapwalla Deodorant Cream to ban pit stains forever! Plus, you won't get any of those weird white marks when you put on a shirt. This saves so much laundry hassle, I can't even tell you. 


This post was sponsored by Dryel but note that JUGs only accept sponsorships from mission-aligned brands that meet our core values of compassion + fulfillment. 

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