Week of February 9th

It's another snowy one out there!  Are you sick of it yet?  We're all home today, getting what work done that we can, and still figuring out our agenda for Seattle (next week!).  Here are some updates for your adult snow day and week ahead:


Did you catch the Grammys last night?  This reaction was pretty epic...

The ever-so-smoldering Colin Firth.

My absolute favorite actress, ever, shares her beauty secrets.

It looks like there's going to be a sequel to The Neighbors, I just hope Dave Franco is in it, too.

Are you missing Breaking Bad?  Well, Saul is back.

Would you expect these celebrities to be bad neighbors?

This is the best news from Netflix... likely, ever.



This topic is one we always want to read about, "benefits" of drinking beer.

Even though the superbowl is over, I couldn't help relishing in this past halftime show by some of Boston's finest.  Also, here are some highlights from the Patriots parade if you missed 'em.

Okay, okay, I can't stand the Kardashians but would adopt these tips.  The girls do know how to contour.

Looking for side reads in addition to following along with our book club?  Buzzfeed knows.

A Connecticut favorite has finally found a future home in Chestnut Hill!



Talk about a great place to practice yoga.

Things to do to make yourself happier.

Go Red for Women was last week.  Here's how to protect your heart in 20s and 30s.

Need help staying productive during snow days like today, or really any other time?  These apps may be the answer.



Banana is now making baby clothes and they are all so, so cute.

It's time to learn your wine, don't just go for the three-buck-chuck at TJ's anymore.



It looks like home routers are taking a turn for the better.


Any fun Valentine's Day plans?  Let's hope mother nature doesn't have any surprises for us!  Stay tuned for a special Who's That Gal later this week!


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