Local Gem: Temple Bar

In between Harvard Square and Porter in Cambridge, Temple Bar is our latest #JUGsApproved restaurant. Cool rustic decor, a creative menu, and top notch cocktails make this spot worth a trip across the Charles. Temple is the perfect blend of casual and sophisticated and is great for a first date, a business lunch, or a serious wine sesh with girlfriends.  

Wait, Where?

Temple Bar
1688 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 547-5055

What to Order

First things first, Temple Bar has some fantastic drinks, especially if you are a fan of martinis. Their basilisk cocktail is also fabulous - vodka, basil, lemon, sparkling wine, and lavender bitters. And, if you want to momentarily escape the snow and drink like it is summer, definitely try the sangria.

For starters, the calamari and beet salad are both winners. It is always risky to order calamari, as you never want to end up with something rubbery or chewy, but the calamari at Temple is top notch with the perfect touch of crispness. The beet salad, pictured above is a great way to incorporate in-season New England root vegetables into your meal. 

As far as main courses go, I've heard wonderful things about the scallops but it was impossible to turn down the opportunity to try one of their creative pizzas. The duck sausage pizza is topped with tomato sauce, dates, smoked pistachios, and pickled onions - seriously - you will not find that anywhere else! YUM! 

Why We'll go Back

Besides having a go-to spot to meetup with friends near Porter, we'll also go back to Temple for their interesting specialties including duck wings (I don't know, I guess I'm on a duck kick), the mussels, and the rice pudding brulee! Nom nom nom! BONUS: they serve brunch!