Week of March 9th


The warmer weather we've been wishing for over the past 6 weeks is finally here. Let's seize the spring and finally wake up from our snowed-in hibernation! 

Arts + Entertainment

Yesterday was International Women's Day! ICYMI, here are 5 reasons to celebrate


Time for spring cleaning! One of our fav local bloggers, One Brass Fox, shows us how to create a conscious closet, which is a perfect way to clear clutter for a productive season! 

Book Club

If you haven't started reading Going Clear yet, its time to start! Our book club discussion questions are going up in just two weeks! This book is not to be missed, as the much-talked about HBO documentary based on the book is coming out and it sounds super juicy

Career + Finance

This advice probably would have been more helpful a month ago, but, better late than never: how to work from home without going crazy.

Health + Beauty

Did you know the average woman ingests almost 7 lbs of lip products over a lifetime? That is really gross, especially because the FDA doesn't heavily regulate cosmetics like it does food and other things we ingest. That is just one of the reasons the JUGs are so supportive of the ecobeauty movement. Our favorite solution of the moment is Makeup by Mer Glamer Lips Scrub and Balm. Mer's products are USDA certified organic and are made from ingredients like honey and coconut, meaning it is totally fine if you ingest 7 lbs of it! hah! 


On Thursday night, join us for an evening of #careergal inspiration hosted by StartUp Stir! An Evening of Entrepreneurship with Boston's Most Enterprising Women gives us a chance to talk to some top ladies in marketing, academia, and small business.  

Before getting cray in Southie this Sunday for St. Patrick's Day, head to the North End on Saturday for the Meet the Makers Stroll starting at 1pm! 

Style + Decor

Now that it isn't snowing every other day, we are starting to run out of excuses for wearing flannel and leggings everyday. But that doesn't mean we need to give up comfort, especially with these tips for wearing leggings without looking lazy.


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