Daily Read: HBFit

The blog world is full of style bloggers that can you bring you the best fashion styles from the runways, but how many bloggers do you know that can tell you how to do a wall sit and then the latest must-have mini-skirt? Well, if you don't know Hannah Bronfman I'm here to tell you that she is one boss blogger. On HBFit, Hannah covers wellness, fitness, fashion, travel and music - all the essentials for a gal in the pursuit of living a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. Aside from blogging, Hannah is also a DJ, model (hence the style and music cred) and the founder of the app Beautified. Talk about a serious Daily Read and #WCW candidate.

HBFit Must-Reads:

HBFit Tip: All About the Booty
How annoying is it when magazines and websites recommend a "magial" workout but don't show you how to do it? Yeah, well, Hannah's workout gifs are money. 

7 Ways to Stay Fit During #NYFW
The NFW part is obviously not applicable to most, or all the time, but this post is great for anyone wondering how to stay fit during situations like a week long work conference.

Spring Clean Sips
This is my new go-to smoothie.

Get the Look: Natural Glow
Excellent step-by-step tutorial. I was always dying to know how to do this!

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