Secrets for the Perfect Spring Skin

Winter is brutal on the skin, and with the crazy weather we've had this year, it is definitely time to give your skin a little extra TLC now that it is finally spring. We've rounded up our six favorite beauty products that will have you look smooth, sunkissed, and refreshed - without toxic chemicals or carcinogens! 

1. Araza Finishing Powder, $20

EWG SkinDeep Ranking: Not rated
Goodguide Ranking: Not rated
ThinkDirty Ranking: Not rated
The big difference between winter skin and spring skin, is that when its warm, your body picks up its moisture production - which is a good thing - but of course, you don't want to look too shiny. The solution: Araza Arrowroot & Natural Clay Finishing Powder. This longlasting powder is made from organic ingredients and is cruelty-free. The JUGS have tested and approved samples of a bunch of Araza products, and the finishing powder is one of our favorites. 

2. GlaMER Organic Lip Scrub, $22.95

EWG SkinDeep Ranking: Not rated
Goodguide Ranking: Not rated
ThinkDirty Ranking: Not rated
Ugh, changing seasons can be rough on the skin, start with a fresh layer by exfoliating. Don't forget to exfoliate your lips - this will help make your bright springtime lipsticks look extra amaze. Currently we're loving this USDA certified organic lip scrub by GlaMER lips. Summah lovin requires smooth lips....just sayin. 

3. Vapour Organic Solar Translucent Bronzer, $36

EWG SkinDeep Ranking: 2 (low hazard)
Goodguide Ranking: 8 for health (low concern)
ThinkDirty Ranking: 0 (no negative health impact)
Contouring is all the rage. Try out the trend with a lighter touch using the Vapour Organic Solar Translucent Bronzer Stick . Vapour is one of our favorite organic beauty lines because their products are effective, good for the environment, and good for your skin. This bronzer stick gives the perfect sunkissed glow without overdoing it. Bronzers can be tricky to pull off in bright sunlight, but this one gives a natural, beautiful look on any skintone. 

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4. Death By Lavender Deodorant, $8.95

EWG SkinDeep Ranking: Not rated
Goodguide Ranking: Not rated
ThinkDirty Ranking:
It is no secret that as temps get warmer, an effective deodorant becomes more and more important. But don't put your health at risk by using traditional deodorants. Instead, try out Northcoast Organics Death by Lavender Deodorant. This one works, trust us. 

5. Ilia Lipstick in Neon Angel, $26

EWG SkinDeep Ranking: Not rated
Goodguide Ranking: Not rated
ThinkDirty Ranking: 3 (low negative health impact)
The best way to freshen up your look for warm weather is by adding some bright colors. Get a chic, tropical vibe by using Ilia Lipstick in Neon Angel. It is such a fun color and will match pretty much any spring or summer outfit. Plus, Ilia's lipsticks are coconut oil based, meaning they help hydrate lips, provide a little bit of sun protection, and are completely nontoxic! 

6. Belli All Day Moisture Body Lotion, $16.50

EWG SkinDeep Ranking: 2 (low hazard)
Goodguide Ranking: 3.5 (medium health concern, high environmental + social concerns - mainly due to lack of company transparency)
ThinkDirty Ranking: Not rated
Belli is a brand loved by pregnant women and new mothers because their products effectively treat and prevent stretch marks. Tighten up your lackluster winter skin by giving it moisture that also helps combat unslightly stretching with Belli All Day Moisture. You'll be bikini ready in no time! 

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