Why workout at FlyBarre Back Bay

Last week we took our first class at Flywheel's newest offering, FlyBarre. We loved our FlyWheel experience and had heard equally positive reviews about FlyBarre, but having never done barre before we were naturally pretty nervous. We had heard how hard core it was, and high intensity training is...let's just say, not our thing. However, just like Flywheel, it turns out FlyBarre is #JUGsApproved. 

Here's how our experience went down.

As newbies we showed up extra early to allow enough time to get situated, but we found that we had nothing to worry about. Checking in was super easy and our instructor, Claudia, was more than helpful in pointing us to our assigned mats, where to get the weights, walk us through the class structure and answer all our first-timer questions. 

Once the class got started the music was bumping making it really easy to get in the groove. Some routines I will admit are for the more coordinated, but that's not a huge deal. When we weren't executing a pose or sequence correctly, Claudia and the 360 degree mirrors helped redirect us. The person next to me even told it "happens all the time" when my ball flew across the room. So the class was pretty friendly.

We ended up signing up for the hour long session wondering if the 45 minute option would've been better, but overall it went by pretty quick, even though there were some times where I was certain my arms were going to fall off if we didn't change workouts. I walked out feeling triumphant, exhausted and then sore for the next two days. Definetly a really fun way to get your sweat on...and work muscles you never even knew existed!

So here's the deal.

When to go: Anytime! They have tons of time options to work with your busy schedule. Just be sure to book in advance as the classes book up fast!

Who to take a class with: Since we've only gone once we can only say Claudia, but we loved her! If you're interested in reading more about their instructors they have an excellent blog post here with more background for each.

Why it is #JUGsApproved: The music is awesome, our teacher was fantastic, the space is super hip, and you walk out feeling like you really worked it.