Why to Eat at Sweet Cheeks Q in Fenway

Why We Love It

At JUGs we usually try to focus on a plant-based diet which is both healthy and better for the environment, but to be perfectly honest, we love the occasional bbq binge. So, when we decide to indulge in a meat-based meal, it better be damn good - worth the money, calories, and time. Sweet Cheeks Q definitely fits the bill (my mouth is watering as I write this). It is conveniently located, offers outdoor seating, and has AMAZING TEXAS STYLE BBQ - and countless side dishes and sauces.

Sweet Cheeks Q
Fenway Triangle Trilogy
1381 Boylston St.
Boston, MA 02215

When to Go

Probably not the best venue for a first date, instead, Sweet Cheeks is the perfect place for a large group because their dishes are easily shareable and come in monster portions. This makes it perfect for a birthday celebration, pre-baseball game dinner, or a bbq-themed girls night out (afterall, live country music at Loretta's Last Call is just a short walk away, so you can get your dance on after din). 

What to Order

First things first: order the biscuits. They come with this incredible honey butter that is hard not to lick off the knife. Then, if you're with a group, order about half as many "trays" as there are people in your party, and then split everything. This worked really well for our group of 9. Everyone got to try a bit of everything. We tried the following - and the JUGs favorites are starred:


Fried green tomatoes*


Pulled Chicken x2
Pork Ribs*
Northern Brisket


Broccoli casserole*
Collard greens
Blackeyed peas
Heirloom bbq beans
Mac n´ cheese*
Farm salad