5 Sneaky Ways to Get More Greens in Your Diet

1. Add to pre-made sauces

Ok, so you are just SO OVER the day and decide to make a lazy girl dinner (Annie's Mac, spaghetti and red sauce, frozen perogies.....you know the deal). No problem - just defrost some frozen organic chopped spinach or chopped kale and add it to your sauce. BOOM instant health upgrade. This will make you feel so much less guilty about not eating that salad you were planning on. 

2. Have a crunchy, mid-afternoon green snack

That 3pm slump at work is the absolute worst. The key to boosting your mood and energy levels is to get just a little bit of natural sugar running through your bloodstream. Think raw green beans, green pepper slices, or even an apple. Voila, guilt-free snacking. 

3. Re-think your salad game

Woof, salad. Before going to Sweetgreen for the first time, I pretty much hated any salad that wasn't caesar. So, let's take a page out of Sweetgreen's book and add just enough goodies to your lunch salad to make it something to look forward to. I find that adding ingredients like avocado, curried cauliflower, kimchi, chopped pickles, or even just a few spicy banana peppers can save the day. 

4. Sneak greens into your guilty pleasures

It is super easy to add greens like kale and spinach to pizza, quesadillas, and basically anything else with melted cheese. When building your quesadilla, put the green stuff underneath the cheese and you'll forget its even there. (Seriously, sometimes I eat like a small child and need to not know the veggies are there in order to enjoy it). Sorrynotsorry. 

5. Smoothietyme!

First, get amped up by watching Julian Edelman's smoothie videos on youtube. Then, get crazy with the blender! If you like bananas, you're in luck because they are great at masking vegetable tastes! Second choice maskers include pineapple, a scoop of organic vanilla greek yogurt, almond butter, and coconut. My fav green smoothie = 1 frozen banana, 2 dates, a scoop of chopped spinach, 1 teaspoon moringa powder, 1 tablespoon of almond butter and almond milk. It is a protein-packed breakfast smoothie! No time to blend in the morning? Pick up an amazing pre-blended juice from Evolution Fresh (available at Starbucks....aka...everywhere). 

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