The Week of May 11th

Monday Morning Coffee Break

Arts & Entertainment

"You were right. About everything. You knew me before I knew me." Chelsea Handler's Mother's Day letter to her late mother is full of love and lessons learned.

Yas Kweens! An interview with my fav girls and the creators of Broad City.

Career & Finance

Girlbosses, get on this! YWD and Society of Grownups are granting one lucky gal with a side hustle some serious cash.

Ivy league? Nah, Tom Hanks says community college is what made him who he is today.

Health & Beauty

Leafy greens, nuts, fish and these other ingredients are approved by the MIND Diet, designed to reduce your risk of cognitive decline and improve your memory.

The Coveteur goes behind the scenes with one of our favorite gal pal duos, Well + Good.

Style & Decor

It's not just about hoodies and black turtle necks anymore in the valley. SF is having a fashion moment.

What has been Rachel Zoe, the fabulous fashionista's, best career move to date? 

Around the Hub

Slide the City is coming and it has "more cushion than your grandpa’s orthopedic sneakers." K, maybe I'd do it if I could wear this...and have no chance of a wedgie.

Doggie yappy hour at General Assembly? Don't mind if I do...