3 Sportswear Brands to Wear Now


Nike, Adidas, and Lululemon will most likely hold reign of the sportswear industry for years to come, but with the new trend and acceptance of "athleisure" on the rise, there are some new top dogs on the butting their way into the line up...

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is a new favorite of athletic brands that you can desguise as everyday / every activity wear. With their minimalist silhouettes and light hues, it's a perfect brand to turn to for a new summer look. Notable fans of the brand include Man Repeller, whose collab with OV just launched this week, and Jenna Lyons.

Wish List Item: Two-Tone Warmup Legging


With its edgy, but feminine, style, Michi's collection also provides extremely functional pieces that feel like they should be worn out instead of to the gym, unless you're trying to seduce everyone in it.  Owner Michelle Watson's vision was to "combine her love of high fashion with sport and dance to create stylish yet utilitarian sportswear with performance features." Sportswear and high fashion? Sounds like a comfortable "yes please" to us!

Wish List Item: Rize Top


Named after the Greek goddess who's name signifies a battle cry, ALALA wants to redefine the way modern women get dressed in the morning. Their line is inspired by both the New York City lifestyle and the women who want it all - both fashion and function for their busy lives. Again, we're into it.

Wish List Item: Boyfriend Fleece Vest

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