Interior Envy: An Adorable SF Apartment

This fabulously ecclectic apartment by San Francisco-based interior designer, Julia Goodwins, gives me serious apartment envy. The 1908 apartment caught my eye when it was first posted in an interview / house tour on The Everygirl for its spacious size, moldings, large windows and beautigul built ins.

When asked in the interiview how she got her career off the ground as an independent designer Julia said, 

"Once I officially set out on my own I networked and networked, but I also had a little bit of luck. I constantly attended events—both those that did and did not have anything to do with interior design. Surrounded by tech professional friends and family, I realized it doesn't hurt to be the only designer in the room at functions. Often, this is the environment where I'm able to have the memorable conversation that leads to new clients."

Networking and networking...sounds like our kind of girl! Looks like with a little bit of luck, networking, and hard work you really can get a career (and then apartment) of your dreams! Congratulations, Julia, your home is lovely!

To view the full interview and more photos of her apartment, visit The Everygirl for the full article.

All photos are from the original post here.