Book Club Questions for 'All the Light We Cannot See' by Anthony Doerr

Everyone is reading All the Light We Cannot See this summer, and it is easy to understand why. This book is captivating, eye-opening, and easy to read (even though it is pretty long). Many of the JUGs really enjoyed reading this book, but before we simply retire it to the shelf and call it a "good book," let's go a bit deeper. (spoilers ahead!)

1. Before the plotlines converged, which one did you enjoy reading more?

2. The way people act in the face of fear seemed to be a continuous plot throughout the novel. Did any examples of this surprise you? 

3. Ok, ok, what is the deal with 'the sea of flames'? Which was more alluring, the fact that it was a huge gem, or the legend? 

4. Many WWII stories portray good and evil as pure black and white. How does this novel break from the mold? 

5. What did you think about the flash forward to the 1970's at the end of the book? Was it necessary? 

7. Why did the author chose to make Marie Laure blind?

8. Who was the strongest, bravest character? How did they show this in their actions and how were they rewarded/punished?

9. What is the meaning of the title?

10. Give the book a grade, A-F and explain why.