The Week of June 29th

Monday Morning Coffee Break

Around the Hub

The Boston Public Market officially opens tomorrow. Can't wait to check it out and grab the freshest local seafood, meats, and produce around.

Join the MassChallenge community on Wednesday for 1,000 Pirates, a two-hour trip around Boston Harbor where you'll get to meet other pirates, err entrepreneurs, just like yourself.

It's time for another First Friday at the ICA!

Will you be in the city for America's birthday? Check out Boston Magazine's list of events to make the weekend one awesome celebration.

Health & Beauty

The disease of being busy. How did we end up living like this? 

The best meditation apps to try now...including one of our favorites, Headspace.

Career & Finance

Vera Wang Says: Know When to Walk Away … and Start Something New.

How to get paid when someone wants to "pick your brain."

Arts & Entertainment

About time!!! Clueless is going to become a musical.

Why Amy Schumer turned down hosting The Daily Show.

Style & Decor

How to wear a sports bra as a normal outfit piece.

12,000+ people want Vogue to apologize to Cara.