Local Gem: Sarra Boston

You know when you walk into a place and it's love at first sight?  That is what I thought at my first visit to Sarra (sah-ray).  I tend to mentally note places in the city I plan to try out, and after seeing Sarra mentioned in channels like the Globe and various beauty magazines, I scheduled a Saturday appointment knowing I would have enough time to soak in everything this salon offered.  

The atmosphere itself is welcoming.  Right across from a JUGs late-night "favorite" (aka well-known hole-in-the-wall), Murphy's Law, Sarra is in a converted warehouse building at 840 Summer Street (near East 1st).  Salon proprietor, Lauren Genatossio, saw the potential of this space way before the rest of us.  She named the salon after her grandmother, who was a makeup artist, and you can feel the positive vibes and inspiration from the second you open the door.  Lauren welcomed me with open arms, talked about my brow history (waxes as a teen, went through years of electrolysis for a long-term solution, and have maintained with waxes every few months ever since), and described the tweezing technique all of her artists use.  The process was completely painless, and no sooner than the lift of the mirror for the after shot, was I sold on the Sarra technique.

An amazing thing about any brow appointment is that you are gifted with a makeup application before you are on your way.  Needless to say, I was not attending the gym class I scheduled for Saturday afternoon, I was already done up for the night! 

Since my first visit, I have returned for regular brow cleanups as well as glycolic peels, which are so effortless for the customer.  Forget the "fluff" of a regular facial.  You are able to sit up in the sunlight of the studio while the artist washes your face and applies the powerful solution to face and hands (crucial for anti-aging!).  Sarra offers these individually or in a series, and this JUG is h-o-o-k-e-d.  I'm looking forward to my next appointment when I will also load up on Lauren's signature cosmetic line, only sold at Sarra.  She was not kidding when she mentioned the similarities to an old Chanel formula, it is sure to stand the test of time.  As you'll see from my before-and-after, I look way more alive than I did upon arrival!

Sarra books up quickly, so we encourage to call a few weeks in advance!  Even if your brows aren't unruly, with all of the weddings you have this summer/fall, book a makeup lesson at the very least!

photos taken by author and from Globe