Daily Read: I Heart Organizing


Staying organized is a great intention, but what about putting it into practice?  It takes more effort than one may think, but once done, it's pretty crazy how much better you can feel (and spaces can look)!  I've been a follower of Jen Jones of iHeartOrganizing for over three years now, and the spaces she features, especially that of her own home, have me inspired to get my organizing butt in gear.  I have always been orderly in waves (e.g., gutting and ordering items in closet for about 3 weeks, then all goes to shambles), now figuring out how to make this a constant in my life.  With tips from Jen, I know this is possible!

Jen's website is spic and span, she definitely practices what she preaches.  Aside from browsing her Etsy shop for printables, I just drool over rooms she features, many from readers!  Some of my favorite posts include:

With each post including this happy sign-off,

...what is not to "heart?!"