Boston's Best Women-only Networking Groups

Are you looking for a new job, a co-founder, or just to learn something new? Have no fear! Boston is a hub for innovators, entrepreneurs and home to many networking groups. Since starting JUGs, Cameron, Meredith and myself have found ourselves attending many events and workshops and even started one of our own! It's safe to say that we are sure believers in networking groups, as they are a great way to meet new peers, get business feedback and network for new jobs. In fact we've met some of our best friends and collaborations at networking events.

But navigating through all the options available can be tough. So which ones do we frequent most and why? Below is the list of women-only organizations we found to be great spaces for learning, connecting and brainstorming.

We hope you find this list helpful and use it as an opportunity to join the Boston networks of hustling gals. 

Bos Lady Project

Bos Lady Project hosts monthly events for women looking to connect and get inspired by other entrepreneurial women.  Each event features the BOS 3×3, three local women of different backgrounds, industries and career levels share their story in three minutes. Each event benefits a local charity or organization run by women or is beneficial to women in our community.

Upcoming Event: Their next event is a networking event on the 27th in partnership with Society of Grownups.

She Geeks Out

She Geeks Out is a professional community for women in tech that hosts monthly events in the Boston and Cambridge area. SGO events happen super cool sponsor spaces to promote networking and allow us to learn about and from each others’ geeky pursuits. Bonus! There are the raffle prizes! Proceeds support local organizations focused on girls in STEM, such as Science Club for Girls. 

Upcoming Event: Their next available event is September 17th (August 25 event is sold out), and will feature a documentary about women in the gaming industry.

Ladies Lounge

Ladies Lounge is our baby. It's a monthly event we curate and host along with by WeWork and General Assembly in the Fort Point Lounge. Each month we bring together influential women entrepreneurs focused on a central theme. Each event generally consists of a panel of three to four speakers as well as a q&a session and time for mingling.

Upcoming Event: It's August, everyone is checked out, moving or starting new jobs. We're following suit with an agenda-less evening dedicated to connecting with fellow entrepreneurs, creators and generally interesting people. We'll be inviting past Ladies Lounge featured speakers from the worlds of design, travel, tech, event curation and wellness to come back as well. The event is Thursday August 27th from 6:30 - 8:30. Register for free here.

Young Women in Digital

Young Women in Digital is a networking group for professionals working, or interested in working in digital marketing, social media, experiential and online marketing.  Events occur twice a month and vary from cocktail meet ups to panel led discussions or workshops. 

Upcoming Events: Follow along with their event calendar and stay tuned for some amazing Fall events!

NOTE: Did we miss anything groups or events? If you have other networking reousrces for young women in the Boston area, please send them along to

Image via Boston Blogger, Extra Petite. How cute is that little work outfit?!