The Week of September 14th

The fall chill in the air today is refreshing, no?  Football is back.  PSLs are back, and so are productive weeks!  Here are updates for your week ahead:


Around the Hub

Ladies Lounge this Thursday night, this month's feature is Passion Projects (aka how to turn a hobby into full-time job), featuring local businesses we love, Pressed Juicery and Loyal Supply Co.  Be sure to also save the date for October's LL, Thursday 10/15.  More to follow!

Arts & Entertainment

Did anyone else buy advanced tickets for Black Mass like I did?  I've been waiting for this for months now and the movie is finally out on Friday!  Stay tuned for a recap next week if you don't have time to catch it in theaters.

Thought you'd miss Britney in Vegas?  Think again.

Remember these 90s kids?  See what they're up to since. #WillForeverLoveShaneWest

Speaking of the 90s, read some great quotes by everyone's favorite author, Roald Dahl.

RBF sufferers, unite! Great read here on the "epidemic."

Career & Finance

13 Leading Ladies who survived after being told "no."

Have a job interview approaching?  Be sure to master these beforehand.

Style & Decor

Feel like you're missing out on NYFW?  Here's a typical (hectic) day outlined for you.


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