Oils We Love

For Your Bod

Though it says it's for the face, True Moringa is an all purpose product (yes, you can use it for your hair, face, and body). Made with the Moringa seed, the oil is a heavy duty replenishing treatment that fights aging. Can you say "Miracle Worker?" 

Beauty Counter's Lustro Oil is our next choice when replacing traditional creams for an oil. As opposed to the True Moringa oil which we use at night, the Lustro Oil is light weight and fast abosrbing, the perfect option for using before work.

For Your New Perfume

Since learning any product containting "fragrance" could be a potential health risk, we've avoided traditional perfumes and what we're now obsessed with is Lurk Perfumes. Don't let the price or size of the bottle scare you. One tiny, tiny dab can leave you smelling lovely all day. 

For Your Face

I'll admit, I was very hesistant towards using an oil product on my face. I have combination skin - oily in some areas, dry in others and was terrified I'd turn into Pizza Face. However, I am happy to report as a breakout-free lady that the Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil led up to it's hype. It's lightweight, fast absorbing, and the only thing I'll be using on my face for a long time coming.

For Your Hair

This summer was rough on my hair. Too much sun, salt water and chlorine led to some serious damage and sent me straight to the store in search of a cure. First I tried out the DIY coconut oil mask. It went well, certainly left my hair feeling softer and smoother for the week, but boy was it hard to get out. Make sure to read the removal instructions more carefully than I did.

A much more casual (thank g) and effective option I found through the Detox Market is the Yarok Feed Your Sunshine Serum. Every other wash I dab a little on my wet hair, comb, blow dry and go about my business. No grease, no mess.