Who's That Gal: Lindsay Tia Reilly

Lindsay Tia Reilly is a 24 year old Boston-native that has been her own boss since she was in grade school. She has never worked for anyone else and she's crushing it.

To back up, Lindsay began sewing at the age of six and shortly after, in her early teens, she began selling her handmade bags at a local salon. Today she has been in business for 3 year’s and her bags are sold in 25 stores. 

But she isn't just selling bags. Each of Lindsay's creations is made in America and inspired by women that have made her brave and sparked a desire to empower others. Her mission is to create a community of strong women working together to succeed and give back. For example, The Bravery Bag represents our inner hero and for each bag sold Lindsay will donate $10 to the "USO New England" in honor of our troops. Isn't that amazing? Wondering how she does it? We caught up with Lindsay to ask her just that.

Start Up Advice from Lindsay:

Q: Do’s and don’t of partnering with retailers?
A: Partnering with retailers is a very good way to grow your brand and brand awareness. Starting out I always sold my products through other locations who fit my target market. Make sure you research each store and see if it fits your brand, make sure you build a strong relationship with the retailers owner, and always make to sure to promote your stores that sell your product as well. DON'T just get into any store to be in a store make sure it always fits who your customer is and what your product brand fits along with!

Q: How do you make time for designing, producing, marketing, and everything that goes with running the business?
A: I NEVER SLEEP! As a one woman show it’s a lot of work but when it’s your passion/dream it makes your work harder to accomplish it all! Time management is a big problem in the entrepreneur community, you just gotta keep hustling! 

Q: How do you engage with your customers?
A: Social media is the best type of way to update your customers on anything new going on with your business. But I do love being in charge of my tables at event so I can meet my customers one on one and talk about my brand and product with them. How can we make it better? Why do you love it? What can we do? Its great to help build your business by listening! 

Q: What’s the most important business advice you’ve been given?
A: To trust your gut! Doing this for 3 year’s now I’ve always listened to everyone on certain decisions but at the end of the day as a business owner you realize you're the boss for a reason because you get to drive the bus! Listen to your gut and never give up!

Sign up for Lindsay's event, Fall Into Networking: Creative Bostonians in Business

This Thursday Lindsay is having a pop up at WeWork and is inviting you all to come say hi. She'll be co-hosting the event with The Fashion Truck, 365 Laquer, and Smiling Button. We suggest you stop buy, shop around, and ask her how she knew what she wanted to do at such a young age!

Images via Lindsay Tia

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