The Week of January 11th

Around Boston & LA

We caught a familiar face on Boston's Top 30 under 30! #LadiesLoungeLegends

Speaking of Ladies Lounge, we have a third speaker to top off what is sure to be a great night in a few short weeks!  Pack your kicks to work and hang out with us and some great women afterward!

It's looking like rents in Boston continue to be on the rise, see how they stack up.

Bloggers, grab your tickets for Simply Stylist's Blogging 101 workshop happening this Saturday from 11-2pm at the Grove.

California Restaurant Month is helping us keep our "eat healthier" resolutions with Eat Well Week. Find out which restaurants are participating here.

Beauty & Health

Sure, we love beauty talk but what about the gunk in makeup brushes?  Here's how to get rid of that and take care of such important tools.

Nom, nom, nom. What a great use for kale on the dinner table!

Check out 26 things you should do for yourself every year.

As if we needed reasons to not skip the sauna at the gym...

Career & Finance

As we're narrowing down our 2016 library, this is a list we may pull from.  And, even if you're not a business owner (today, maybe someday!) here are business-centered books, too.

Style & Decor

Aside from our live-tweeting, check out a roundup of the best-dressed on last night's Golden Globe red carpet.

NYT recommended places to visit in 2016.


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