The Week of January 18th

Around Boston

Our Ladies Lounge: Resolutions is this Wednesday! If you haven't signed up, do so here. Don't forget to bring your workout gear!

Startup Institute is offering an eight-week Business Bootcamp for Women and it is starting February 1, so act fast! 

Got the day off? Why not head on over to the MFA - it's free today!

Third Thursdays here is always a good idea.

A new book club book has been selected! Did you read it?

Around LA

Signing up in advance for this Otherwild event because they look SO cool!

Got the day off? Why not do the same thing as the Boston folks, but at the LACMA.

Restaurant Week has begun! Time to pretend to be fancy and go to fancy restaurants.

Career & Finance

The "key" to financial success in 2016: don't sweat the small stuff. Phew! 

New year, new job? These websites make your hunt less of a pain in the arse. 

Health & Beauty

If you are on an "eating healthy" or "cooking at home" kick, you'll appreciate this pin.

I am obsessssssssed with Kombucha (and probiotic drinks).

Style & Decor

The 14 most brilliant, unexpected and powerful women in art right now.

This is so interesting.

Anyone wanna hook us up with a night at one of these? K thanks.