Protect Your Sh*t: The Easiest + Cheapest Way to Get Renter's Insurance

Do you have renter's insurance? Obviously it is smart to have, but if you're like us, you've probably already had too much legalese mumbo jumbo from health, dental and auto insurers to want to deal with renter's insurance. But yikes, after living in downtown Boston for seven years, we've heard enough stories of fires and break-ins to last a lifetime, so it's time to get real and protect our sh*t. 

Luckily, there is a simple way to get renter's insurance (and many other types of insurance) without out getting too complicated. YourPoncho is a new Massachusetts-based business that is making the insurance buying process simple while also finding you the most affordable, trustworthy coverage. 

I just used YourPoncho to get renter's insurance for the first time and it only took about 10-15 mins of computer time total and my coverage started within a couple days of my application! No joke, all I had to do was fill out a brief online application on YourPoncho's website - basic questions about how much coverage I wanted and what type of building I live in - and YourPoncho later e-mailed me with a few coverage options that fit my needs (including the most affordable option and an option that provided a few thousand dollars more in coverage for an only slightly increased monthly price). 

When all was said and done, I was able to get a package that fit my needs for $14.30 per month. Not a bad price to pay for protection on all my worldly belongings!!!  And, yes, its a big relief to check this one off the to-do list after seven years!

This post was sponsored by YourPoncho - but note that JUGs only accept sponsorships from mission-aligned brands that meet our core values of compassion + fulfillment.