4 Ways to Build Relationships with New Coworkers

Finding your way and learning the ropes at a new job takes time. You will have competing priorities and you will make mistakes. There are a lot of different moving parts. Building new relationships can feel like the last thing on your mind, but it can help you transition into your new position and make you feel more at home.

Group Activities

Some large company buildings have their own gyms. Break the ice by seeing if your coworkers go to the gym after work or during their lunch, ask if you can join them. If there is no gym, ask around to see if anyone goes for walks during lunch. Check out local gyms near your job and see if they offer group fitness classes and invite your co-workers to take a class during lunch or after work.

Connect on Social Media

Connecting with your coworkers on the appropriate social media sites is another way to find out if you have mutual interests. LinkedIn can be a great tool; it’s great for building your network and learning more about your new colleagues. You can find out where they went to college, worked, volunteered, groups they’ve joined and their skills. Facebook and Instagram are other great social media sites to connect on to learn more about your coworkers and find things in common, but ease into this, you don't want to invade their space. 

Do Lunch

The line is pretty divided between people that bring lunch and people who go to lunch. Start by finding out who goes to lunch and who brings their lunch. If they leave their desks ask if you can join them. If most people eat at their desks maybe see if they go on coffee runs.

Be Useful

Find ways to contribute or add value. This could be as simple as sharing a recipe or telling them about a cool app. Maybe they need input on a project or a shift change. Who knows they may return the favor!


Colleen Gordon is a content contributor for JUGs, but also shares her views over at her blog Here She StandsYou can follow Colleen on Twitter @here_she_stands.