The Week of October 31st

Happy Halloween! 

Around Boston

Your JUGs will thank you... A "smart bra" that may detect health issues?  Only at MIT!

Check out finalists for the next 50 on Fire, quite an impressive list.

Bummer to lose local coffee shop in the North End!

Around LA

Snow?  In LA?  Read more here.

Judd Apatow & co. at The Largo?  YUP.

Check out early voting locations in LA.

See what some of the popular celebrity costumes were sported this weekend.

Beauty & Health

In a world full of consuming thoughts, environments, etc., it is important to practice mental realness.

Our friends at Follain blogged about some awesome tips for winterizing your skin, then get onto changes in your home.  This time of year might also be a good time to review daily supplements, too.

On the brink of Daylight Savings, read up on what can help (and hurt) your sleep!

Shopping for one?  How to not overspend at the grocery store.

In need of more pleasure reading?  This applicable list looks worth checking out!  Also, this statement on dating in 2016 is all too real.

Career & Finance

It's possible you're sabotaging yourself, read how.

The always helpful, money tips!

Considering a career pivot?  Read about some success stories first.

Experts say if you don't have a career mantra, now is the time to curate one!

How to slay at work, work, work, work, work.

Style & Decor

Classic never die.  Read about the evolution of the striped shirt.

See an Alice's Table event in TX, we love watching the growth of Alice's brand!

How to take better photos while traveling.

Obsessed with this for an OCD-esque closet #goals

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