The Week of November 21st

Around Boston

Not Boston-related, but we sure are going to miss this bromance running our country.

Around LA

Be sure to check out the Christmas Parade downtown.

Run off those Thanksgiving calories at the LA Turkey Trot.

Rooftop networking? Hell yeah.

Beauty & Health

Ever wonder what happens to you when you're asleep? 

How to make it through the holidays-for your mental health, and don't forget these skin tips!

Career & Finance

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a real thing, review here.

Don't get into a dark financial place around the holidays.  Here is how to avoid the slippery slope.

Now this is how you have a successful Sunday.

Style & Decor

Just because this falls under personal style, let's all be more like Adele.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!

Meredith Tennihan1 Comment