Who's That Group: National Association for Women MBAs (NAWMBA)


You may remember us talking about NAWMBA Boston back a few months back when we hosted our Ladies Lounge: Do I Need an MBA?, but for those who don’t, the NAWMBA Boston is a volunteer run non-profit organization established to propel women MBAs through professional development programs, education, and diverse networking opportunities. We last spoke about the group and the amazing community they are growing in Boston with the chapter President, Susan Simone Kang, in this Who’s That Gal Interview.

What They Do

NAWMBA’s central focus is to provide a network for women in MBA programs and corporate America to assist them in achieving leadership positions to enhance the diversity of the workforce worldwide. Along with creating networks in 17 cities nationwide, the organization also provides access to resources and educational experiences like webinars, trainings, workshops, mentor programs and more.

How to Become a Member

Membership options vary from lifetime memberships, one-year professional, one-year student, etc., and more information about each program can be found on the national NAWMBA website. 

Meet NAWMA Members at Ladies Lounge: Galboss Holiday Mixer 

Come meet Susan and more NAWMBA members at our Ladies Lounge: Galboss Holiday Mixer Tuesday, December 6th! Chat with members about MBA programs, membership benefits and opportunities for you.