The Best Gift for Everyone (21+) on Your List - plus a DISCOUNT!

At JUGs, we're all about giving experiential gifts. After all, we're working hard to be conscious consumers and minimize unnecessary junk in our lives. Plus, what could be a better gift than that of a happy experience?!

This year, one of our top gift ideas is City Wine Tours. The tours are fun, educational and a great way to spend time with friends, family or your sig other. See below for an exclusive discount for JUGs readers! 

How it Works

City Wine Tours are available in Boston and New York. In Boston, they feature tours of the South End, Back Bay, North End, and Assembly Row. There's also a sparkling wine tour for all you champs lovers! During each tour, attendees will visit upscale restaurants, luxury hotels and gourmet wine shops. At each destination, tour guests enjoy a VIP private wine tasting. Tours typically last two hours and focus on wine tasting, wine pairing and wine history. Tours run 1-2 times a week in each location. You can also schedule a private tour for, which is a great option for a birthday or bachelorette party!

How to Give a City Wine Tour as a Gift

 The easiest way to give a wine tour, is to give a City Wine Tours gift certificate. However, if you know the recipient's schedule, you can always book the tour now! Either way, use the code: JustUsGalsBOS10 for $10 off your purchase between now and 12/31/16. Happy Holidays!!!!!