Latest Obsession: Girlfriend Collective


Introducing Girlfriend Collective

As you all know, the JUGs are huge fans of both athleisure and slow fashion. While the terms "luxury leggings" and "ethically made" don't exactly sound affordable, this time we all are in serious luck. Our latest obsession, Girlfriend Collective, is offering you FREE leggings for the price of shipping as part of their launch campaign. Yes ladies, that's luxury leggings for just $20. 

The Back Story

Girlfriend Collective is a new clothing startup located in Seattle we first heard about from this Refinery29 article. They caught our eye because of the price and most importantly, their mission. Girlfriend's goal is to produce awesome and affordable leggings (yay!) that won't destroy the environment and that gives everyone from their Vietnam factory to the office living wages and a decent life (double yay!). They produce their garments with a SA8000 certified factory which means they have a social accountability standard and certificate developed by Social Accountability International (SAI). In short, they use zero forced or child labor, always provide living wages and safe working conditions. Amazing, especially for a bootstrapped startup. 

And unlike some startups, on top of all of that greatness, they have some serious experience. Members of their 5 person team have previously worked for top brands including Elizabeth & James, Acne Studios and you guessed it, Lululemon. 

Why We Love It

First, I'd like to say this is not a paid advertisement. We all have bought the leggings ourselves and have stamped them with the #JUGsApproved. We love them because a) their dedication to slow fashion movement b) they are super comfortable c) they are high wasted which is so key and d) the technical fabric is super durable. I have washed and air dried my pair multiple times and have seen no damage or pilling. HUGE plus for someone who tries to keep pieces in the closet for as long as possible. My only complaint is I am dying for more Girlfriend pieces! 

Go on, grab your first pair here.


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