The Week of December 12th

Yes, not quite morning anymore... this post had to be a bit late after a weekend in NOLA (pictures and travel guide to come)!  Be sure to check out updates for this week as you're gearing up for holiday parties & the like!

Around Boston

Reebok is making big moves into the city.  Check out the new office renderings.

Here's an event that brings a new definition to breaking the ice.

Check out this compiled list of top 25 best restaurants in the city.

Around LA

Looking for a book club? Check out Levo League LA's book club!

Working from home is both a beautiful privilege and incredibly lonely. Join bossladies and work together in unique locations around LA.

Shop, drink and mingle at Women supporting Women this Thursday

Speaking of shopping, one of our favorite LA bloggers, Devon, compiled a fab list of her favorite places to shop!

Career & Finance

Check out some female-only resources for your career.

Go, EMMY!  We love seeing gals making progress on equal pay.

Health & Beauty

Everyone has stress within their family, learn how to deal with it this holiday season.

Welp, we're all there, might as well take the advice from someone older and wiser of what they wish they knew in their 30s.

Just when you think you've tried everything, there is a way to combat hangovers.

Tis the season to... say 'no.' Read how you can gracefully get out of plans this holiday season.  After all, it's important to say "no" every now and then for your mental health!

Learn to give yourself a break!  Read how these successful women learned how to do so.

Love lessons learned from an ex is an interesting read.

Style & Decor

This has to go under "style," the bromance that gives us all the feels is something we will miss next month.

Add some sparkle to your holiday wardrobe with these pieces!

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