4 Non-Diet Food Books You Need to Read

Like many health-conscious gals, we're constantly thinking about what we eat. Sifting through trend diet information to learn about what is really best for our bodies is a never-ending task. But, in the end, we love food. All food. Especially pizza and beer. We also love reading about food, but don't want to constantly feel like we need to run 10 miles every time we pick up a new food book. So, for food lovers that need a break from the constant diet-bullshit, here are our fav picks to add to your spring reading list:

Food Foolish by John M. Mandyck and Eric B. Schultz

This short, but information-rich read explores the fact that if food waste was a country, it would be the fourth largest greenhouse gas emitter in the world. Inefficiencies in the global food system affect everyone on the planet, but despite this, Food Foolishis a surprisingly optimistic book in that the authors provide a solution (but you'll have to read it for yourself to find it out). Needless to say, you'll probably want to start composting after finishing this book.

American Catch by Paul Greenberg

Seafood lovers need to read this book. By the same author as Four Fish, the book takes a close look at the challenges and opportunities facing the American seafood industry. American Catch explores the causes and effects of struggling fisheries in the U.S.. A combination of degraded waterways and picky eaters means that now more than 90% of our seafood is imported. Do you know where your shrimp cocktail came from?!

Fair Food by Oran B. Hesterman

Have you ever heard of an urban food desert? Neither did we until we read this book. Fair Food takes a look at Detroit as an example of how bad city planning and a lack of grocery stores can make it almost impossible for a healthy population to exist. What do people eat when they don't live near a grocery store? This book reveals a broken food system that can't be cured simply by eating organic. Oran Hesterman takes us out of our kitchens and into the real world. 

The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan

No list of food books is ever complete without Michael Pollan. We chose The Omnivore's Dilemma for our list because it really digs deep into why Americans are so obsessed with fad diets - our "national eating disorder." Why are we so obsessed when other countries around the world seem to be doing just fine. Those skinny French ladies eat baguettes and brie all day no problem - what gives?!