The week of April 18th

Around Boston

First off, best of luck to all Boston ladies running the marathon today! 

Join us on Thursday at General Assembly for Ladies Lounge: Women and the Environment at 6:30pm!

False alarm...apparently East Coast Grille is reopening!

Around LA

6 Awesome Campsites Within About an Hour of Los Angeles

How much does coachella really matter? At festivals, fashion taps the 'currency of cool.'

LA has the happiest workers in the US! Boston comes in at #8. Not bad, not bad.

Career & Finance

What to do after you finally pay off your credit card debt.

Two questions to ask yourself - they're answers may reveal if success is in store.

Health & Beauty

8 ways to ensure a full night of sleep.

Live out your Broad City dreams by making this Kombucha Cocktail.

Style & Decor

5 tips for purchasing vintage jewelry.

The secret to buying affordable art.

Goop brand clothing? Gwen is seriously crushing every industry.

We are LOVING that capsule wardrobes are catching on. Brass breaks it down for us. And if you're not sure, here are some tips from our fav twins on how to wear all black without being boring.

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