The Week of June 13th

Around the World

The events that occurred this weekend were horrific and heartbreaking. It's also a reminder that we cannot just grieve and hope to move on. Here's an article I read last year after a similar incident that reminds us our voices matter and we need to use them. An Easy Guide To Contacting Your Elected Representatives About Gun Control.

Around Boston

Looking for a new job? Join us Thursday for Ladies Lounge: Career Refresh and Resume Reboot! We'll be talking with hiring experts from TripAdvisor, HubSpot, Winter Wyman and General Assembly. Sign up here, it's free!

How the cape is dealing with their new tourists, great whites.

K, who wants to go to lunch this Friday at Loco?!

Around L.A.

Two exhibits not to miss this summer: Made in L.A. at the Hammer and Cindy Sherman: Imitation of Life at the Broad.

Boss Ladies Issue 01 is out!

Join Lady Boss this Thursday at the Ace for Blitz Wisdoms and Flash Mentoring.

Career & Finance

"People are always going to question what you’re doing, and you just have to follow your heart and do what you want to do.” - the creator of Dream, Girl, a feature-length documentary charting the lives of female entrepreneurs.

Here's what happens in your brain when you lose focus.

Should you try a spending fast?

Health & Beauty

Exercise helps you build more brain cells, but only of you do the right type pf exercise.

The easy way to take your meditation practice to the next level.

Style & Decor

How to be the best dressed wedding guest.

Companies are doing a terrible job with organic cotton.

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