Local Gem: Taco Party in Ball Square


What was once only a food truck is now a restaurant seating 16 and feeding thousands! Taco Party still making their way around to your hood in their food truck, but now you can visit them in their brick and mortar restaurant located on Broadway Street in Ball Square. 


If you’re in need of a taco or something sweet that won't ruin your plant-based diet, Taco Party has you covered. From tofu tacos to gluten free vegan nachos, they are serving up healthy versions of your favorite Mexican foods and more. I ventured into Taco Party for their baked goods: they’re vegan friendly and don’t contain eggs, butter, or milk. They have a variety of sweets: Rumble in Ball Square Cookie, a Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie Sandwich, Cashew Cream Cheese Oatmeal Cookie Sandwich, chocolate chip cookies, cannolis, fudge, and more.

The vegan friendly cookies were surprisingly delicious, the Rumble in Ball Square ($3.50) tastes like a Samoa Girl Scout cookie. There chocolate chip cookie ($3) was my favorite and I couldn’t even tell it didn’t include the traditional ingredients.  


The ambience at Taco Party is also on point - they have plants throughout, polaroids of dogs that come into the restaurant, and they even keep it eco-friendly with their properly sorted trash depository. 

Taco Party is now #JUGsApproved and we encourage you to check them out on Facebook to find out where their food truck will be next! 

Colleen Gordon is a content contributor for JUGs, but also shares her views over at her blog Here She Stands. You can follow Colleen on Twitter @here_she_stands.