The Week of July 18th

Around Boston

Did you read up on RBG yet?  Whether you read it or not, join us on Thursday for a discussion and our first Book Club!

I checked out the newly-opened NY chain, Dig Inn, yesterday and it was delicious!  Still dreaming about the avocado toast with ricotta I ordered.

Have you seen the recent updates to the Boston Public Library?

Be sure to stop by the Boston Public Market tonight and Tuesday night for a pop-up beer garden!  Let's home this is here to stay.

Around LA

This Saturday from 12pm-3pm, meet the makers of W3ll People and Odacite at the Detox Market (admission cost goes toward store credit)! 

Our GA fam is hosting a Girlboss-themed event (sound familiar?) Tuesday night.

Looking to network?  Look no further than The LA Girl Society.

C'mon, she's one of your favorite bloggers, too; Jules' announcement is a big one!

Career & Finance

Small talk is always a part of networking.  Read some tips on this, here.

This is something a lot of our Ladies Lounge alumna can relate to, a career switch.  Read why this is such a great move for a gal.

Read up on what your 401K can do for you.

Health & Beauty

Sure, we love being tan, but only when you do sun in a safe way.

Style & Decor

We've been loving Jacey's updates on her new California home!  Hoping the closet episode will be posted soon...

Speaking of house updates, this is a great list of the many (50+) shades of grey out there!  

It's easy to give your bathroom stylish updates like these for short money.

Need a signature cocktail for your next summer party?  Check out this recipe for mint sangria! Yummmmm.