The Week of July 25th

Around Boston

Road trip time! How to tour VT's best breweries in one weekend.

Nectar & Green wants to send you a Summer Self Care Package. Each includes: 1 or 2 Quarts of organic, pressed almond milk each week for six weeks, a Nectar & Green summer tote bag (new!), organic body scrub from Organic Bath Co. (in your choice of lavender, citrus or mint), Stress Less Body Oil from Organic Bath Co., one simple, summer breakfast recipe each week for six weeks and an organic potted mint plant (our favorite summertime smoothie ingredient). Grab yours here.

PopUpAsana is celebrating their first birthday August 4th. RSVP to celebrate at their Massport birthday bash.

Around L.A.

Time to hit the beach. Take a cue from The LA Girl's Guide on which beach is the best for you.

Need a little sunset yoga in your life? Come to Casper's Tuesday Night Yoga class led by Playlist Yoga. It's free (and amazing)!

"Story after story is told of women gathering on the new moon, empowering each other and supporting each other in the direction of their dreams." Join Love Yoga on the 3rd new moon and set intentions during this potent time.

Our favorite bookstore is hosting Therese Huston, author of How Women Decide: What’s True, What’s Not, and What Strategies Spark the Best Choices. Dr. Huston discusses biases women face in leadership, and how women can succeed in a world that still whispers they can’t.

Career & Finance

This comes as a relief! Why you don't have to be great at anything to build a great company.

Bookmarking these for sure: 4 lessons for success, no matter where you are in your career.

Health & Beauty

How to eat what you want on vacation, without feeling bloated.

Newsflash: cooldown time after your workout is really important.

Why eating seasonally is healthier.

Style & Decor

Rebecca Taylor, we'd like to hang with you.

Who knew Comicon was such a fashion show?

Always wondered Birkenstocks stay in style and true to their original customers.

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