Local Ingredients to Your Door with 'Just Add Cooking'

Introducing Just Add Cooking

Whether you're a seasoned cook and scour farmer's markets for top-notch ingredients or are totally new to the world of culinary arts, Just Add Cooking is the perfect, time-saving cooking solution for all. 

Just Add Cooking is Boston’s only local eco-friendly meal kit. They work with local vendors and farms from New England to curate the highest quality, healthy, fresh ingredients to be delivered right to your door.

Why we love it

Making time to go to the grocery store and plan meals every week takes a lot of time and effort. With Just Add Cooking’s convenient online ordering system, your meals are only a few clicks away. 
We love that all of the ingredients in the box are thought out to make them as environmentally-preferable as possible. Each ingredient is pre-measured, resulting in zero waste. It’s part of their Green Promise; no waste, few food miles, and eco-friendly packaging. 

If you’re new to cooking, it’s a great way to start. They have easy-to-follow cooking instructions and gently introduce customers to the culinary world. But, if you're looking for something more advanced, have no fear; you can choose a recipe that requires a higher skill level and that uses unique, more rare ingredients. 

They even factor in the time of year when planning out their meals. During summer’s hot days, they plan meals that don’t require turning on the oven!

How it works

Visit Just Add Cooking’s website and create your account. Next,  select your box type; two person box or four person box. Then choose the amount of meals you’d like to receive for the week, starting from 3 up to 5. They offer an introductory price to try out the service, starting at $39---prices vary upon the box type selected and the number of meals you want to receive. 

After you select your quantity, then you get to the fun part: choosing meals! They provide a list of ingredients, the amount of time it will take to cook, calories, and skill level. Vegetarian and gluten-free meal options are available as well. To make delivery as convenient as possible, customers can choose between Sunday and Monday and all meals are packed and delivered day of. 

We had a fabulous time cooking things up with our test box! Try out Just Add Cooking and let us know what you think! Happy Cooking! 


Colleen Gordon is a content contributor for JUGs, but also shares her views over at her blog Here She Stands. You can follow Colleen on Twitter @here_she_stands.