#JUGsApproved Kickstarter: Travels with Quigley - Stories of a Great American Roadtrip

A few months back, at a delicious BBQ dinner hosted by Drizly, we met Briana, an amazing Boston blogger and photographer. She is one of the most insightful and creative people and her new kickstarter proves it! 

The Kickstarter will help fund Briana's passion project of roadtripping with her dog, Quigley, in the route and spirit of Steinbeck’s original journey. Through imagery and essays, she will be comparing and contrasting Steinbeck's experience and observations with our contemporary America. The final product will include a print shop, a book, and (hopefully) an exhibit!

We're excited to support Briana in her journey and can't wait to see her resulting work! We hope you'll join us in supporting this local artist

Oh, and a little more on Briana's travel companion: Quigley is 4 year old rescue dog, specializing in smiling, sprinting, and giving hugs. He enjoys car rides, hiking, minty bones, and quality time with Petry, his plush fish.