The Week of August 8th

Around Boston

Be sure to check out yoga at Lawn on D hosted by Fitbit on Saturday.

Now, this is new-age yoga!  Check out what Daybreakers do and snag tickets to the animal-themed (as in, animal onesies encouraged) cruise next week from Rowes Wharf.

We're psyched for our friends at Drizly, what an accomplishment!

Beauty & Health

In need of a project during the Sunday scaries?  Revamping your fridge contents is a great start!

An at-home facial mask made up of only 3 simple ingredients?  It's just that easy.

While us JUGs do not encourage sunburns, here are some helpful tips for taking away that summer sting [but, seriously, at the beach, re-apply, re-apply, re-apply!].

Career & Finance

Fellow Millennials, what does it cost to be us these days?  A pretty penny.

Saying "no" to stability... really, though, read on, and sign up for this SoG class.

A great (and simple) perspective on how to answer the inevitable question, "what is your greatest weakness?"

Ever paranoid you're not fitting in at work?  Here is a great test.  If you exhibit them all, breathe.

Style & Decor

Whether or not you're looking for a DIY, these are some great ideas on how to hide those unsightly cable wires at home (or work!).

Before your summer trips dwindle completely, be sure to follow these packing tips.


Make it a great week, and GO TEAM USA!


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