Local Gem: Wonder Yoga


Located within one of the small storefronts of Arlington Heights, Wonder Yoga is new to its pizza and ice cream shop neighbors, almost seeming a little out of place compared to its suburban surroundings. But once inside, you will be transported to a boutique yoga studio unlike anything else in the area. 

The Scene

Walking through the front door and into a small, brightly lit space, you are immediately greeted by one of the many Wonder Yoga instructors. To the left is a staircase winding down to the locker room / hangout space. The space is very modern and calming, offering a seating area with two leather couches, a long wooden dining table for conversation, free lockers, and separate changing areas with privacy curtains. Opposite of the stairs leading from the reception area are stairs leading up to the studio. Just outside of the small studio is a water filter station and various yoga props to accommodate any class and student. 

The Classes

Wonder Yoga offers four different yoga classes – WonderFlow, WonderPower, Pranavayu, and Candlelight Restorative. Each class ranges from an hour to 75 minutes, with class sizes around eight to twelve students, and growing each week. During my visit, I attended Max’s Candlelight Restorative class and was beyond impressed and restored. The teachers are world class, literally – yogi and instructor David Magone is one of the world’s top 25 yoga teachers and leads his Pranavayu class twice a week. 

It is so WONDERful (see what we did there…) to see such incredible quality yoga studios popping up all over greater Boston. There is definitely no need for Arlington residents to head to an expensive downtown studio when they have such a great option right in their own backyards!


Faith Kelnhofer is a new content contributor for JUGs! Learn more about her and the rest of our team on the 'about us' page.