The Week of September 12

Around Boston

Our next Ladies Lounge event is slated for September 22 and will feature local experts on personal branding. Reserve your spot now

September is a great time to refresh that workout regime, so make sure to checkout Fitbit's free monthly workout series - the Sept. event is this Friday. 

This sip and flow yoga class at Aeronaut Brewery on Saturday is also calling our names.

Also on Saturday is a local jewelry trunk show at the ICA with Lisa Monahan. 

Career & Finance

Does affiliate advertising really help bloggers make money?

The list of things NOT to do at work

Health & Beauty

Crush negativity

LOL, turns out that Michael Phelps is just as #basic as the rest of us. 

A sustainable beef pilot program could help McDonald's revolutionize the fast food industry - again. 

Style & Decor

The JUGs are really into southern decor style at the moment. 

Fall means new shoes, but don't get just any old thannng. Check these ethical pairs