Who's That Gal: Alice Rossiter of Alice's Table

Age:  26
Occupation:  Entrepreneur, Founder of Alice's Table
Hometown:  Chicago
Current ‘hood: Chestnut Hill
Favorite autumn activity:  Cooking! Who doesn't love a home cooked meal
Currently reading:  The only thing I am reading these days are my google analytics! 

Your background is in art business and consumer psychology, quite a pairing!  How did you curate the philosophy behind Alice’s Table?

Since I was in college I was thinking about a new lifestyle business. I knew that with current technology and social media that the lifestyle industry was going to shift dramatically from the days of Martha Stewart. It wasn’t until I was working long hours at a tech company that the idea for Alice’s Table was really solidified. I realized how many women are seeking flexible and creative careers. Talented women that step out of the workforce to have kids or fulfill other dreams. These are women that when given a flexible opportunity are able to thrive and succeed.

Wow, your team is one impressive, well-rounded crew!  Tell us about the process of your growth from day 1 (which wasn’t that long ago, by the way, right?!)

Yes, we have just celebrated our one year anniversary!! Growing a team is a constant focus. When you are building a start-up at such an early stage, the needs of the company change by the hour. One of the most important things is to put together a team with diverse strengths and strive for versatility. I try to hire swiss army knives - the knife might be the best tool that they have but all their other tools are perfect in a pinch! 

How do you go about collaborating with local restaurants and venues for events?

We love to work with new people. Finding restaurants and other venues to partner with is awesome as it keeps the business fresh and creative. Each partner we work with has new ideas or ways to market the events. That is what makes our business so much fun! 

We love that you cover both bases of corporate and friend groups.  Any major differences in how clients interact in these different settings?

Yes we love working with both client bases. Surprisingly we dont see a major difference in how people interact, I think companies have become more friendly recently. The only time it is a bit different is when it is a client entertaining event and not everyone knows each other. It is such a fun company event, we have had phenomenal success working with companies like CBRE and HubSpot.   

What has been your most attended event thus far?

Many of our events have sold out! Our corporate events tend to be the largest as companies can use large meeting spaces and bring many clients or co-workers together. 

As an entrepreneur, you have to tackle the time-consuming process of creating your own brand.  What was this process like for you?

Creating a brand takes time, you have to work at it each and everyday. And as the brand grows the time commitment gets bigger and bigger. First and foremost brand is about creating a recognizable aesthetic. And from there we have committed to creating a brand that focuses on community, so for me brand building is a lot of interacting with others. Talking to people and writing articles - really engaging with the people around us.  

What has been the biggest surprise for you as a business owner?  Biggest challenge?

There are so many surprises when you start a business both good and bad. I think the best surprise for me has been how many people have reached out and said that they have been following along. It is nice to hear from friends you haven't spoken to in a while! 

There are challenges every single day when building a business. I cant say that one challenge has been the biggest but a few things that stand out to me are, hiring, figuring out the appropriate marketing mix and building the strategy for geographic growth. 

What is next for Alice’s Table?

Rhode Island, New Hampshire, California and Chicago - and by that I mean many giant cups of coffee!