Local Gem: Pure Glow Tanning

Long gone are the days of traditional tanning beds (cancer machines) and lying out in the sun wearing nothing but SPF 4 (why does that stuff even exist?). What isn't gone? Our uneven skin-tones and the blueish red hues of being Irish/Scottish decent through long Boston winters and sunburning summers. So, what's a pale gal to do when she wants to spice up her look for an upcoming event? 


Meet Pure Glow Tanning. This Newbury Street gem provides an organic sunless tanning alternative. The JUGs have tried spray tans in the past with mixed results, and with our commitment to clean beauty, we kinda gave up on spray tans a while ago since the formulas aren't always the most transparent. Luckily for us, Pure Glow solves both of these problems by offering a nontoxic (EcoCert) formula that looks natural (really). 


The space is simple, crisp, and relaxing. We love the spa vibe and the clean look is reflective of their clean tanning formula.  And if need be, they'll come to you, so don't panic if you can't get to Back Bay in time for your big event. They offer a variety of pricing packages depending on how much of your body you want tanned and how often you'd like to be tan. After our experience, we're prob gonna go for a multiple session pack to save some $$ and get a glow as we ease into fall. 


Ok gals, here's the real deal. The left is my "before" photo (note: I'm wearing makeup in both photos...obviously brighter lipstick in the right photo). And in the right photo, yes, I've got a Pure Glow! My close friends who know I don't get tan gave me lots of compliments and people I didn't know as well just thought I had great skin and spent a little time in the sun. No streaks (though you def need to moisturize on the 4-5 days because it can rub off a bit in areas that see a lot of friction ---- I'm talkin to you underwire!). No orange. No hesitations...we'll be back!