Latest Obsession: Tjula Design

Introducing Tjula Design

As you all know, the JUGs are huge fans of the ethical fashion movement. And as much as we want everything Zady sells, we simply can't afford it, which is why we love brands like Aeon Row, and now: Tjula Design. Tjula offers another chic, affordable, ethical clothing option for young women. 

The Back Story

Different from many eco-materials clothing brands we've featured, Tjula focuses more on safe, ethical factories and sustainable jobs for women in Cambodia. Tjula, which is based in Vancouver, partners with organizations that train women and develop their skills to produce quality products. The women are paid fair wages in an ethical work environment. A portion of profits from each piece sold is given back to the community where the product is made through non-profit programs that further local community development. 


Why We Love It

We love the pants, because a) they are dressy enough for a biz-casual office and b) they are cool enough for post-work dranks. We particularly love the sweatpant-style cuff at the ankles (see below) it gives the pants just enough unexpected edge to avoid being basic dress trousahhs. The top is also perfection. We love the modified open back. You're covered everywhere, so you're fine without a sweater, but the cut still adds a tiny weeny bit of sex. We secretly wish the neck was a bit more open, but the high neck does make it a good top to wear with a statement necklace. Our only note on fit is that the pieces run a bit snug, so order a size up. Other than that - LOVE! Plus, the white and black color palette fits perfectly into our capsule wardrobes!!!!