Who's that Gal: Kelly Brabants of Booty By Brabants


Never thought leggings could get sexier?  Kelly Brabants has taken that to a whole new level, and launched here brand here in Boston!  Chances are you've had gym classmates/neighbors sporting the signature textured leggings and/or sports bras in fun colors, making you feel extra fierce!  We got the low down on how Kelly started her brand of ass-kicking classes and those booty-lifting leggings!

Name:  Kelly Brabants
Age:  26 (27 tomorrow, January 12th)
Occupation: Owner of Booty By Brabants, a lifestyle and fashion brand
Hometown: Easton, MA
Current ‘hood: South Boston
Favorite gym class in Boston:  Just started taking Barry's Bootcamp and I love it!
Favorite restaurant in Boston: Lincoln or Ocean Prime in Seaport (best pork chop & carrot cake ever)
Currently reading:  Hmmm I don't read too much, but when I do it's always about business - working with Shopify is amazing because they send you tons of great material every week on how to grow your business, I could read it all day!


Your brand is based on some pretty admirable core values: self-confidence and unrelenting dedication to health and fitness.  What do you think are some ways a gal can adopt these as part of the “new” her in 2017?

Number one, you have to make yourself your number 1 priority over anything else; work, family, relationships, etc. I really believe that if you are not taken care of mentally and physically you cannot fully succeed in other parts of your life. Positivity is a mind set, and it is not always easy but when you shift your mind to think of all the amazing things you have and are capable of doing, good things will come your way. As for fitness advice, I always encourage my clients to try something new or something they feel uncomfortable doing. You hear it all the time, but it's true: “Nothing good ever comes from comfort zones.” One of my personal 2017 goals is to push myself even more out of my comfort zone, and do something I never thought I could do! I believe that challenging yourself in new ways and not being afraid to be exactly who you are, is truly being self-confident and empowered.


You’ve been influenced by fitness classes from LA to NYC/Boston.  What went into creating your signature class to teach?  How is it different from others out there?

I’ve only taught fitness classes in Boston. I studied dance in NYC & LA but for cross training I took many different types of fitness classes while I was there. That really helped shape my opinions on what I love in a fitness class and what I believe will bring you results. My BBB workout is unique because it's something I completely created on my own, I fused a traditional dance class setting with total body high intensity exercises. I think it's important to learn something from every class, not just do a million squats because the instructor told you too. I spend a lot of time creating programmed sequences that I know will deliver total body results. My classes are also so much fun, my moves are to the music and it makes time go by so fast! My mission is to make everyone smile but still sweat like they have never sweat before, I’m kind of like a nice drill sergeant, who loves their students but wont settle for less than 100%. (haha that probably makes no sense!)


It’s honestly amazing that you found a fabric that allows your pants to be one size fits all, usually that claim is such a farce!  Tell us about the process of choosing the fabric and testing this with a real sample of clients.

I found this fabric while visiting Brazil and I had seen similar versions on people while I was there. When I put the fabric on I instantly became obsessed but it wasn’t until 3 years later that I realized there was such a demand for this type of legging. I made my own silhouette that I thought would be flattering on a ton of people, but honestly because of the small amount I started with I didn’t test it out on too many people at the beginning . I fell so deeply in love with my new creation and was so passionate about it that I knew/hoped other people would feel the same way. At the time, I was only thinking about selling to my friends, family, and BBB students - I never imagined it would grow so quickly! Now, I really pick apart my products and make sure everything is exactly how I want it, it usually takes me about 9 to 10 samples until a product is ready to sell. I want to keep catering to my customer’s needs and listening to their feedback, they mean the most to me and they are the reason I am able to do this. 


Speaking of, what is the secret with this fabric?!  As an owner of your pant, I love the instant uplift of having a booty (which, honestly isn’t all-that-prominent by itself)!

Aw yay I’m so glad you love them! :) The textured spandex and the high waistband are the KEY to the flattering booty lift. I can’t wear leggings that are not high-waisted, and I feel like BBB leggings are just the perfect height and they are tight enough so they wont fall down, no matter how low you drop it. I’m totally biased but in my opinion, they are the “feel good” leggings, I put them on and I instantly feel better about myself! (haha) It's pretty sad that I have basically worn them everyday for the past 2 years, but I LOVE  it! :)

Which BBB item is your personal favorite to wear? 

Ahhh this is such a tough choice for me! If I have to pick, my top 3 are definitely “Baja” BBB leggings, “Bom Bom” sports bra, and the new “Croco Skin” grey leggings


How did you decide on such an attainable price tag for your pants?

I knew the value of my leggings but I also value my customers, and although they are still pricey, I wanted to find a price tag that was attainable for most people but still deliver a high quality product. Leggings are life (haha) but they shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg for just one pair.


How do you find work-life balance?

It’s hard sometimes because when you run your own business it’s ALL you think about, and it’s hard to shut that off. I try my best to just relax at home with my friends and family and do things that are not BBB related. Also, I need my sleep, so I make that my top priority. (my family calls me “Telly” aka Tired Kelly, because I’m always napping or sleeping when I have time off haha)


What’s the #1 piece of advice you give someone who wants to start their own business?

Do it for the right reasons. Don’t start a business because you see someone else doing it, and it looks like fun. I truly believe that real entrepreneurs don’t just start businesses, the business comes to them, because of their passion, work ethic, and drive. You first need to be passionate about something and believe in it more than you believe in yourself. It’s a long road, I’m not even a quarter of the way there, and you need to want it so bad that any obstacles that stands in your way you can overcome. Also, a successful business is run by a team, you need to surround yourself with good genuine people who you trust, and grow the business together. Lastly, don’t ever settle, don’t copy, and don’t compare. Be a good person to everyone you meet and be the most authentic version of yourself, I promise good things will come to you!


What is next for the Booty By Brabants brand?

I am so excited for 2017, I will be visiting Brazil to create a new collection and have tons of amazing surprises planned! I can’t wait to share them!