Who's That Gal: Valerie Sarron, founder of VS Photography


Name: Valerie Sarron
Occupation: Photographer and Owner of VS Photography
Hometown: Boston, MA (currently)
Age: 29
Currently Reading: On Beauty by Zadie Smith
If You Could Fly Anywhere Right Now, Where Would You Go: I’ve been craving a trip to Iceland to explore the beautiful landscape (and snap some pictures)!

Tell us a little bit about VS Photography! How did you get into beauty and boudoir photography?

VS Photography is a Boston-based beauty and boudoir studio. From individual client attention to a fabulous hair and makeup team and an elegantly designed studio, I strive to offer my clients a one-of-a-kind experience through my boudoir photography sessions.

I first developed a passion for boudoir photography after I did a shoot of my own. It was an empowering, unique, and fun experience--plus it gave me insight into what it feels like to be in front of the camera. I then offered boudoir shoots to close friends and family and the feedback was enthusiastically positive. After that word caught on and I had other women coming to me for boudoir services, I began to realize there was a market for this kind of photography experience.

Next, I expanded on my photography packages, set up a glamorous Boston-based studio space so that my clients would feel comfortable, and launched my beauty and boudoir business that has evolved into VS Photography!

What is your career background and how did you transition from that to starting your own business?

I have a background in publishing and digital media, and spent some time building a beauty-related blog community. As I began incorporating photography into my work more and more, I developed a passion for the art itself.

Once I had the idea of opening up my boudoir photography studio, I developed my portfolio, found my location, put a business plan into action, then decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship!


What are some of your clients’ reasons for setting up a boudoir shoot? Is it something we should try?

A boudoir shoot is totally something every woman should try! It’s the perfect way to celebrate yourself, step outside your comfort zone, and have a unique, empowering experience. Plus who doesn’t want to treat themselves to a full day of pampering and walk away with images to last a lifetime?

Clients come into my studio for a variety of reasons. Many clients are brides-to-be who want an extra special gift to present their significant other on their wedding day, or women who want to commemorate another important milestone like a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion.


What is your advice for being comfortable and confident during a photo shoot?

It’s completely natural for some clients to feel nervous before their boudoir shoots, but I always like to reassure anyone I work with that I am there to guide them through every step of the process.

Because feeling comfortable with your photographer is important, I get to know clients through in-person consultations, phone chats, and questionnaires. We thoroughly go over the client’s vision, style, and wardrobe options beforehand so that all of the details are taken care of prior to the actual shoot date.

During the session, I walk through every pose and make sure my clients are relaxed, comfortable, and having a great time. Plus, getting pampered by the VS Photography hair and makeup team always helps!

Additional tips for feeling confident in front of the camera include wearing looks that make you feel confident and beautiful, practicing your posing, embracing your own unique figure and letting go of negative thoughts...and having fun of course!


Fav lingerie boutique (brick & mortar or online)?

My favorite local lingerie boutique (and VS Photography vendor partner) has to be Forty Winks in Cambridge MA! The boutique boasts two fabulous owners who are experts at helping customers find what they need.

Plus, the brand offers unique finds (perfect for everyday wear or for glamorous boudoir photo shoots) and a wide range of sizes--which I so appreciate! Book a session with VS Photography and shop their store for your boudoir shoot with 15% off!

You also do lifestyle shoots - how are those different?

While boudoir is my specialty, I also love shooting beauty and lifestyle shoots. Lifestyle shoots are perfect for those in need of images for business or branding purposes. They’re also great if you’re in need of stylish professional images for online purposes, social media, dating profile pictures, and more! Of course I approach my lifestyle sessions the same way I do my boudoir sessions, with the primary goal to emphasize my clients’ individual style, personality, and unique beauty.

What’s next for you and VS Photography?

I’m currently working on cultivating a community for past, present, and prospective clients (as well as any other Boston ladies interesting in joining) through online groups and studio events focused on women’s issues.

Recently, I’ve also introduced small group boudoir packages that are perfect for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, or a girls’ night out!

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