How a Sense of Wanderlust Inspired Our New Favorite Skincare Brand


Around the world different cultures have used different natural ingredients for skincare -- like shea butter, turmeric, and honey -- over thousands of years. Each of these ingredients have different properties, some of which are only recently being scientifically studied in terms of skin benefits. But, people in the places where these ingredients come from already know what these studies will reveal, after all they’ve seen the benefits firsthand. For example, ancient Phoenicians used argan oil for beauty as far back as 600 BCE! So how do we know what will be the next powerhouse ingredient like argan? That’s where Poéthique comes in.

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Meet Poethique

Poéthique, a line of nontoxic, 100% plant-based beauty products, is inspired by the knowledge women have collected, refined and passed down over the ages. Through traveling, the Poéthique team has learned that while natural beauty ingredients and rituals might differ by culture and country, the end result is always flawless, radiant skin.

Beauty with Context and Conscience 

Poéthique’s founder, Gayatri Pradhan, has traveled the world and used many of these beauty treatments first hand -- experiencing them in their true cultural context. After seeing how women view beauty in many different places, she was inspired to start a skincare line that reflected her global outlook.

Poéthique taps into beauty rituals from all over the world and works with communities to sustainably source natural ingredients. They then blend these ingredients in unique ways to create effective products. And with decades of formulation chemistry experience, the Poéthique team knows how to design each formula to make skin balanced and healthy.

Unlike many other brands, Poéthique sources ingredients directly from their native region. If an ingredient can’t be sourced sustainably or ethically, they won’t use it in their line, no matter how incredible it might be. They’re also implementing standards for ensuring that botanical ingredients are sourced at a fair wage from the people that collect them.

The result is a beautiful, Boston-based line of oils, serums, cleansers for the face, that are not only effective, nontoxic, and sustainable but also celebrate the unique diversity and beauty of all women across the globe.


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